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Meet the Spring '23 Editor

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Paula Rawlings

Paula Rawlings is a student and tutor at Reedley College. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in English before entering a master's program for creative writing. Her writing has been featured in Symmetry. She is honored to be a part of the Kings River Review staff and looks forward to helping other aspiring writers achieve their goal of being published.

Editor's Letter

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the spring 2023 edition of the Kings River Review. Within these pages are inspired works of literature, art, and photography meant to stimulate the imagination. The unique and various contributions from college students around the United States are greatly appreciated and each adds a special something to the publication of this journal. No matter what you find on your journey through this carefully designed compilation, you are sure to laugh, gasp, ooh, and aah over the talent emerging from the writers and artists. This finished product was not the work of merely a few people; it took the energy of many students who sat at their computers for hours tapping away on their keyboards, grinding their elbows on tables, pinching paintbrushes with colorful fingertips, and waiting patiently for just the right image to capture on camera, canvas, or computer. Thank you to all who shared their submissions. Continue to create, learn, and improve on the talent you have. This journal is meant for you, and we look forward to reading your submissions next semester.


Paula Rawlings

Editor of Kings River Review

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